About InsideOut Musician

The Origins of InsideOut Musician

Early in 2020 violist Sophie Renshaw saw herself and musicians around her in a state of crisis, with no paid work, no incentive to keep playing or creating, no new opportunities and no easy way of collaborating effectively with others. So along with her team of colleagues she began experimenting with innovative ways to collaborate, teach and share performances online. These experiences became the bedrock of Inside Out Musician, which ran between November 2020 and April 2022.

All our courses were designed to enable musicians to play with greater ease and imagination in an atmosphere of mutual exploration, support and encouragement. We welcomed musicians of all levels, embraced a diversity of music, people and cultures and we actively encouraged creative collaborations across genres.

Our mental health as musicians is dependent on maintaining purpose and motivation and we rely on being able to connect with our audiences to share our art. The ethos underlying all that is offered at InsideOut Musician is that of reaching out to help mitigate against the debilitating effects of isolation and loss of motivation that many of us were facing as well as to enable connection with each other to share our love of music.

InsideOut Musician Team photo