InsideOut Ceilidh

Join us each month for an online global gathering

The Ceilidh or gathering is a time-honoured practice of sharing what we have with one another… plus a bit of chat and news.

The InsideOut Ceilidh is a monthly online event for the teams’ students, fellow artists and friends. This time-tested framework is a blend of ‘turns’ and chat from one home to another and is a powerful reminder of where music, song and story originate and still belong.

We welcome all people and all musical styles. Mairi Campbell hosts the event along with her behind the scenes co-host, Gawain Usher.

Expect heart-opening offerings including instrumental music, foot tapping tunes, improvised soundings, compositions, myths, stories, poetry and more.

InsideOut Ceilidh line drawing

How it works

Mairi curates the programme and leads the evening, singing and playing a song or two as well. After each group of ‘turns’ participants are invited to join breakout rooms with a few other folk, as if sat at a bar together, for which Mairi suggests a topic for conversation. After costs are covered any extra money from tickets will go into our bursary to help support our fellow musicians.

Get comfy, pour a drink, sit back and enjoy the party !


“The InsideOut Ceilidh brings us together to enjoy each other’s diverse offerings and settle into a spirit of camaraderie and genuine listening to one another; an act of healing at any time but especially so in a time of uncertainty and anxiety such as we are currently living through.”
Sophie Renshaw

“After feeling scattered in how we make and listen to music, InsideOut Musician nurtures us as musicians, helping us gather up the fragments while gently and thoughtfully curating them. The IOM team brings a spirit of sensitive anarchy to the Ceilidh; last Thursday was an evening of wonderful human togetherness and discovery.”
Becky Gould

Book your place

Join us at our monthly gathering on a Tuesday from 7pm, see dates below