Mairi Campbell

violist | singer | theatre maker | songwriter

Mairi is an award winning Scottish musician. She lives in Edinburgh, but bases her workshops from the tiny Island of Lismore in the West of Scotland.

During March 2020, her Canadian tour for her latest one-woman show was cancelled and she returned home. All her upcoming tours and her appearance in the Edinburgh Festival for this year are cancelled.

She is passionate about making music and working for the environment by bringing alive the traditional music and dance of Scotland and creating new live music which is steeped in Nature’s rhythm and vibration.

She is currently working from her studio to create a new show for when lockdown fully ends, meanwhile delivering some classes online.

Mairi’s work, CDs shop and music projects can be found on her website:


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Mairi’s life exploration in music has revolved around pulse and melody. She is a composer, singer, theatre maker and violist and fascinated by the idea of our ‘elemental’ selves and how that might serve music. Mairi studied viola with Csaba Erdelyi at the Guildhall school of music from 1984 – 88.

Since 1990 she has apprenticed herself to an aural based way of learning traditional music from Scotland and Cape Breton, Canada. Mairi’s life-long dance between her cultural learning and elemental self brings warmth, insight and humour to her gatherings. Well, half life…she’s 55.

She runs fiddle and improvisation courses on the island of Lismore, Argyll, when she can.

“Up to then I had what might be described as a mechanistic approach to playing, assuming that mere alterations to playing technique would achieve a change in sound. However, your remarkable blend of simple and effective repetitive exercises with deep philosophical insights into the elemental purpuse of folk tunes, wrought in me a complete re-think about music as a universal language; and consequently to approach playing it by living it.”

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Sophie Renshaw

“I was fascinated by the way in which you were able to attend to everyone’s individual needs within a group setting, and make it useful and interesting for all involved.”

“Campbell opens her throat in a spirit of belonging that is ancient and modern, and life-affirming for all of us.”

Mary Brennan, The Herald

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