Opening the Door to Harmonic Awareness with Sophie Renshaw


When your purchase your session with Sophie Renshaw, she will get in touch with you to arrange a mutually convenient time.


We often think we understand the harmonies of the music we’re playing, when in reality, we may have just a vague awareness of them. It is my firm belief that successful musical interpretation begins with an intimate knowledge of harmonic structure. Only then, can your creative responses be set free.

You are invited to bring along a piece of music you love, and we will examine this harmonic structure – thereby deepening your knowledge. This will, in turn, enable you to play with greater expression, as you will better understand the language.

We can also look at the unaccompanied works by Bach – for which a clear harmonic understanding is essential.

Who is it for: viola players grade 6 upwards
Tutor: Sophie Renshaw
Number of particpants: 1
Length of session: 60 minutes on Zoom
Number of sessions: as required
Dates and times: to be arranged when mutually convenient
Cost: £60
InsideOut Musician offers bursaries to those on a low income. If you wish to apply for one for this course, please view the Bursary Fund page.