Storytelling with the Bow – arrest your imagination! with Lucy Russell


When you purchase your session with Lucy Russell, she will get in touch with you to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Do you want to speak and sing on your instrument… explain, tease, weep, laugh, reflect… become every character from a Mozart opera? Do you want to create your own, as yet undiscovered, sounds?
Consolidate your bowing and free up your imagination so that you can be all of these things, plus much more. I can help you find new ways to articulate your intentions and realise, release and enhance the musical storyline.


As an exponent of both period (baroque, classical etc) and modern violin, I have long been aware that the bow is the ‘soul’ of the instrument and that, as practitioners, we must use it tellingly. As a result of my experience playing on gut strings, my modern bowing has been profoundly affected – for the better!

I am eternally fascinated by the myriad of possibilities available through horsehair contact with the string – a visceral soundscape of friction, grit, sinew, fluidity, cantabile, sonority, depth, waft, speed. The bow does the talking: explaining, unfolding, yearning, soul-searching, sometimes arguing – and much more…

Good bow management is one thing, but having a musical imagination is what makes a violinist worth listening to! Both are essential ingredients.

Whether on gut or modern set-ups, I am committed to helping you explore how to use the bow and free up your imagination, so that your musical intentions are more eloquently expressed and thereby reveal the ‘storyline’ behind every piece of music!

“Lucy is a fantastic teacher: rigorous but friendly, giving thoughtful guidance to help my own musical ideas to develop and flourish. What really sets her apart is the clarity with which she suggests improvements: every lesson, I feel I gain a clear understanding of how I can take steps to develop my interpretation of a piece, and insight into how I can refine my technique.”
Francis Newman, student St Andrews and Cambridge Universities

“Lucy’s playing is always full of imagination and this talent is shown in her teaching as well. She can easily come up with several effective ways to solve the students’ problems, after observing their playing. My own playing is therefore transformed in a matter of minutes when I follow her advice in our lessons – which I call ‘magic’!”
Jin Ma, PhD student University of York

Practical Information

Who is it for: Anyone who wants to communicate more effectively and more meaningfully on their instrument
Tutor: Lucy Russell
Number of particpants: 1
Length of session: 75 minutes
Number of sessions: as required
Dates and times: to be arranged at a mutually convenient time
Cost: £60 per session. Book a block of 6 one to one sessions for £300 here, ( saving £60)
InsideOut Musician offers bursaries to those on a low income. If you wish to apply for one for this course, please view the Busary Fund page.

What you need to bring:
Feel free to bring along any repertoire you would like to hear with fresh ears! Solo, chamber or your own music.