Struggle-free Zone! with Lucy Russell


When you purchase your session with Lucy Russell, she will get in touch with you to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Say goodbye to worry, tension and anxiety on the violin and learn how to nurture yourself through healthy, positive, perceptive awareness, both physical and mental. Find how to live alongside old habits that don’t serve you well whilst encouraging new growth and, in the process, find playful (but paradoxically profound) solutions to issues that bug you, technical or otherwise.


What’s your relationship with your instrument? Is it playful, mindful, vital, inspired, flowing, free?

Or is it a bit love/hate? Do you tussle with tension? Do you understand or recognise the reasons why?

In ‘control’/out of ‘control’ – what does this mean to you and how does it affect performance on your instrument?

What’s your sensory awareness like? Do you know whether there are parts of your body that tighten as you play and are unable to do anything about this?

Sensations are such an important factor of everything we do, with and without our instruments, and we need to learn to be ‘awake’ to our bodies (inside and out), learning to embrace self-presence with an extremely generous measure of compassion. Also vital, is a healthy psychological relationship with ‘self’ whereby we are able to work through negativity and judgemental thinking patterns. Through work on myself (primarily) and subsequently on others, I’ve developed an astute, informed and intuitive perception that enables heightened physical and mental awareness when playing the violin. I want to help others remove the shackles that inhibit expression, flexibility and freedom. I incorporate a combination of techniques which can assist you, the core of which is based on many years of looking deeply at my own physical and mental relationship with the violin.

I was never a ‘natural’ player, but a musician ‘determined’ to find a technique and ‘sort myself out’! I barked up many trees – not the right ones – until I found greater ‘ease’ through mindful-based work, yoga, Alexander technique and a desire to change my relationship with ‘perfection’!

“Lucy is devoted to teaching, able to inspire joy and love for music-making, excellent at problem solving and enthusiastic about creative thinking. On top of that she is a remarkably versatile musician, with extensive experience in modern violin and baroque violin playing and broad knowledge across the repertoire. Her sensitivity, empathy and commitment are qualities that shine through both her playing and her teaching, making her a role model in my life. I believe Lucy’s interpretative approach and technical skills enable her to motivate and help any student regardless of their level. Furthermore, she can adapt her teaching to each pupil in order to make the most of their strengths.”
David Lopez, Art Dip, RCM

Lucy Russell is a highly respected and sought-after colleague of mine at the Royal College of Music. Through inspirational teaching, this wonderful violinist is able to impart a life-time of knowledge which enables her students to actively enjoy the demands of the music world.
Dona Lee Croft, retired Professor of violin, RCM

Practical Information

Who is it for: violinists
Tutor: Lucy Russell
Number of particpants: 1
Length of session: 75 minutes
Number of sessions: as required
Dates and times: to be arranged at a mutually convenient time
Cost: £60 per session. Book a block of 6 one to one sessions for £300 here, ( saving £60)
InsideOut Musician offers bursaries to those on a low income. If you wish to apply for one for this course, please view the Busary Fund page.

What you need to bring:
Bring along any repertoire you’d like help with for either a one-off or a series of lessons.