Courses and resources for instrumentalists,
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and ceilidhs for the craic!

InsideOut Musician is a creative community run by musicians for musicians

Behind InsideOut Musician is a small highly experienced team working internationally across a spectrum of musical genres. Our carefully tailored courses have something for everyone: Baroque performance practice, mindfulness in playing, Scottish fiddling, improv, audio/video editing and much more…



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Mindful / Body Awareness

InsideOut Ceilidh

“I went places with word, music and song where I have never gone before and wonder where to next. All of this due to your vision, sensitivity, hospitality and musical integrity, not always an easy path.”
“ I won’t ever forget the feeling as happiness and optimism, absent for such a long time, began to creep into my mind. I was so blessed by her generous and relaxed, organic approach to playing the cello…”
“I have found these interactions to be so important in helping me continue to be inspired and creative in a time that feels so uncertain and uncomfortable.”
“I have learned to be brave in my own vision. Sometimes it can be very difficult with second guessing yourself, or stopping yourself because of unhelpful judgement, this course has taught me to be brave, and to go for things I believe in with my playing.”
“Trust and Support were built so that space cleared inside me, allowing my heart to connect to what felt at times like an authentic voice. No small thing.”

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InsideOut Ceilidh
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Come and join InsideOut Musician and help us all keep the language and practice of music alive !